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Be Crowned as THE Oral Systemic Specialist in Your Community

It’s been a real privilege to be a part of AAOSH and to personally know the amazing people that have carried this incredible community so far in such a short period of time. Belonging to, collaborating with, and forwarding the new normal for optimal care in dentistry and beyond has been fun, challenging, and of course, very frustrating. How many times have we all said, “Man if they just got what we know, the world would be a different place.” We are the chosen ones. We have arrows in our backs. We have a clearer vision of what’s possible and we believe that on a good day we save a smile and on a great day we extend and save lives.

I believe we have hit a tipping point. I was in a cab in NYC and the cabbie asked me what I do for a living.  As I told him, he cut me off and said, “I know if I don’t floss I can die.” An NYC cabbie! While the general population doesn’t totally get it, the awareness is out there. We are working diligently to make this the new norm for the next generation of practitioner and patient.

In this article, I will give you three actions that will help you become the preeminent complete health practice in your area. You will be known and respected as the go-to expert on the mouth-body connection and its impact on longevity. You will also learn how to onboard your team and patients using the brilliance of millennial marketing.

Get in Print

One of the things that changed my career was completing a book on something that I am an expert in. I have now written six and I would have never completed them without a support writer. I have the content; they have the writing skills. There are many experts who have already written chapters on complete health highlighting the mouth and its connection to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, various cancers, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and airway. You are interviewed for the first chapter to outline your personal purpose and philosophy as a practitioner. The middle chapters are filled in with the expert’s knowledge and then the last chapter is your stand for the patient, who will then see you as more than just a Dentist, rather, as a Complete Health Practitioner as you have defined it. It also invites them to belong to your patient community. Your book is then showcased at your front desk, on posters, on operatory cards, on social media, and in your newsletters. It is now your calling card when lunching with Bale/Doneen, MDVIP, other doctors, and colleagues.

Picture this... you are a published author with your book displayed in your office and offered on Amazon. You are generously giving to your community by acting locally and transforming healthcare globally. And to kick this all off, you are going to market the way Millennials like.

Millennial Style Marketing

We believe that a practice without a Millennial mindset is a practice without a future. Patients are going to go somewhere and when your practice stands for a higher purpose, it is proven that’s where they are going to spend their dollars. So, with your “on a good day we save a smile and on a great day we save a life” mindset they will see you doing community service, see that you are aligned with the next gen patients, associates, and dental team members, and they will in turn be drawn to your practice.

One key is to communicate with Millennials on their level. You can now run your whole practice from your smartphone the way Millennials run their lives. Another key to attracting and onboarding Millennials is having a new patient email drip system. Once a patient calls and registers as a new patient, educating them before they get to your chair is vital in an oral systemic health practice. You know what I’m saying. If you get someone in from Groupon and you start educating them about complete health during their appointment, it goes over like a lead balloon.

There are automated email education systems that allow you to record short videos from your smartphone (using a guided format and your personality), do a quick upload, and—BAM—you have a very powerful education system that creates patients for life while increasing case acceptance and a never-miss-a-hygiene-appointment mentality.

Team Alignment to a Greater Purpose on a National Scale

The third week of October is Oral Systemic Health Week. We celebrate this awareness annually, as it is a great opportunity to be the local representative for a global movement. This year is celebrating dentistry’s coming out party. Leading up to October, you and your team can join a movement of dental practices and patients who are committed to educating, inspiring, and compelling the members of their community to TAKE ACTION. This will elevate the public perception in the patients’ mind. It will shift from dentistry equaling pain to dentistry equaling Complete Health. We stand for the private practitioner and we stand against the corporate commoditization of dentistry.

The power of influence, once understood, allows you to practice the way you choose with people that listen to and respect you. Your team gets excited to make a difference on a larger scale and our great profession gets elevated when you implement these actions and go for it.

I am grateful to be your partner in Complete Health and saving lives one practice and patient at a time. From the mind of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens could change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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Be Crowned as the Oral Systemic Specialist in Your Community