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Protecting and Reversing Dementia, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's

Presented by: Dr. Dale Bredesen

Learning Objectives:

1. The success of the Bredesen Protocol- A true collaborative approach to brain health
2. The role you can play in recognizing - and treating oral conditions
3. How to learn more and become trained and certified


Dr. Dale Bredesen, researcher and author of The End of Alzheimer's, will be joining our webinar this week. Make sure you attend and invite your colleagues. Whatever their healthcare disciplines, this information will be vital and valuable to their practice and the health of their patients.

IAOMT, AAOSH, and AAPMD, partners in Collaboration Cures 2023, join with Apollo Health and the Bredesen Protocol to bring you this webinar with important information on your role in protecting and restoring brain health. Dr. Charles Whitney of Apollo will share information about RECODE 2.0, the Dale Bredesen protocol, which has successfully reversed dementia in hundreds of patients. He is joined by leaders of IAOMT, AAOSH, and AAPMD.