Are you testing everyone?
YOU should.

In addition to our clinical laboratory services, we are here to support you with on-going education and support to best serve your practice and your patients. We offer how-to videos, online and printed resources, patient resources, and complimentary coaching.

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Stop Guessing and Start Testing with HR5
Testing is the first step in early detection and prevention. video

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Oral bacteria make their way into the bloodstream and place you at risk

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Up to 50% of heart attacks and strokes are triggered by oral pathogens.
Source: Circulation (2013)


More likely to develop Alzheimer's Disease in people who suffer from gum disease for more than 10 years
Source: Alz Res Therapy (2017)


Increased risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes including preterm birth and low birth weight
Source: AAOSH


Higher risk of Premature Death in women who have a history of periodontal disease. 
Source: Journal of the American Heart Association (2017)

Up to 50%

Greater risk of developing Cancer including oral, esophageal, lung, colorectal, pancreatic, and breast cancers. 
Source: AAOSH


of Americans with Diabetes also have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease lowers glycemic control. Source: AAOSH
Source: AAOSH

Why Test? Direct Diagnostic Inforgraphic

WHO to test?

Who to Test Direct Diagnostics Infographic

How to test?

1. Easy to describe, explain, and market to the patient
2. Order via our user-friendly on line provider portal
3. Fast medical history checkbox
4. Collect 1ml of patient saliva
5. Place in sealed container
6. Schedule FedEx pick-up
7. Results in 2 days
8. Share results with patients [secure and HIPPA compliant]
9. Implement treatment plan
10. Retest to ensure success

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Screen. Test. Clear.

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