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Clinical Tips Basic Testing You Need in Your Office



Hey there! This is Mark Cannon, your investigative journalist for the Journal of Oral Systemic Health with another clinical tip!

What are the two most basic testing systems you need to have in your office? 

Salivary and Plaque Diagnosis! One you've heard me speak about this quite a bit. This Carifree screen testing meter from Carifree. This will tell you if you have pathogenic bacteria in the plaque. It's very straightforward, takes a minute to do, minute and 15 seconds altogether to get the result. A wonderful tool to use in your practice. 

The other one you've heard me talk a lot about nitric oxide in the saliva and how vitally important nitric oxide levels are in the saliva for the prevention of disease, such as in kids early childhood caries, these are directly related to the level of the nitric oxide you have in that child. So very early childhood caries, all that is due to a lack of nitrate-reducing bacteria. Well you can measure that from this Berkeley test which measures the levels of nitric oxide. Now this is not just beneficial for kids, it's very very beneficial for you to determine the cardiovascular health of all your patients!

..and don't forget the last 40 years the cardiopulmonary health of children has dropped by 25% which is a shocking figure.

Clinical tips from Dr. Mark Cannon! Thanks for joining.