2017 Hot Topics in Oral Systemic Health

Presented by AAOSH and Dr. Chris Kammer's H2W Series

Chicago, IL | February 23, 2017 | 1 - 5pm

Honore Ballroom of the Palmer House Hilton

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Whether you're new to oral-systemics or a long-time AAOSH member, you'll enjoy the Hot Topics in Oral Systemics seminar. This free event features high interest buzz-worthy information on the latest research, advancements, and takeaways—given in easy to digest 15-20 minute segments similar to TED talk presentations. After this event, join us for free drinks and hors d'oeuvres while networking with other medical and dental professionals and AAOSH board members at AAOSH's Chicago Reception.

The Hot Topics

Mark Cannon, DDS

The medical buzzword these days is our “microbiome”. What is it? Why is it under attack?  Our bodies are suffering! Is there any end in sight?  Dr Mark Cannon brings the facts, his own research, and the solution for health. His presentation will open your eyes and ignite your passion to act!

DeWitt Wilkerson, DDS

Poor arch development not only produces a challenged occlusion, it can make it tougher to breathe! Come hear our esteemed President of AAOSH break it down so that you and your team can identify it and take action!

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH

Will the impact of the oral airway push perio issues aside and steal all the attention when it comes to their impact on systemic health? Shirley says “Yes!” What are the clues we can identify in the back of the throat and how can OMT (Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy) make a world of difference?

Doug Thompson, DDS

Are you frustrated with perio disease that doesn’t seem to resolve and bad bacteria that just won’t go away? We’ve all been there -and we all need help with this! Doug Thompson has tested and retested his patients and analyzed which therapies have had the most success. It’s time you finally learn some protocols that work!

Chris Kammer, DDS

No one on the planet has organized and performed more comprehensive oral systemic tests on dental professionals than Chris Kammer, the founder of AAOSH. The results will shock you but ultimately inspire you. Follow the trail from saliva bacteria to the systemic inflammation factors found in blood to identifying fatty plaques that deposit inside your arteries that increase your risk of dying.  All of these tests can be done in your dental office (and at our event) and lives will be saved!

Claudia Lovato

The “Supreme Queen of Joy” is going to light up the room with the scientific study of happiness. The profound truth is that it doesn’t take hard work to find more happiness and joy in your life, but it does require action. Claudia Lovato will take us through a couple of those actions and she will leave us with many more so we can be more deliberate in our enjoyment of life. What good is being healthy and wealthy if you’re not happy? Don’t miss this “experience”!

John Peldyak, DDS

Do you want to hear the real story about this demon called sugar from the genius who wrote the books on it?  Of course you do! So we’ve made special arrangements to hear the scientific (but layperson friendly!) presentation from Dr John Peldyak-researcher (University of Michigan), investigator and author of two books on dental health and the toxic effects of sugar.  We will learn how to manage the damage and utilize sugars that are actually good for teeth! Teach us Dr John, teach!

Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS

Are you ready for a showstopper?  You will love this presentation about the world reknowned health expert who was clueless when it came to the health of his own mouth. Champion runner, nutrition educator, but the dude's mouth was on fire with disease! Our members have been clamoring for case studies and Lisa Marie Samaha has stepped up to the plate and she's going to knock it out of the park! You will learn in detail how she diagnosed this patient, the treatments performed, and the results she delivered! This will give you a great preview for the AAOSH case studies that will be presented at all future scientific sessions.

Discounted Diagnostic Testing will be available!

Oral DNA - $75

The OralDNA test is a simple saliva test for pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity.

HeartSmart Screen - $75

The Heart Smart Screen measures hsCRP and A1C and is used as a diabetic/systemic risk evaluation.

CIMT - $100

CIMT is a noninvasive ultrasound test that screens for heart disease in apparently healthy individuals over the age of 45.