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Could coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, age-related macular degeneration, dental caries, and dental malocclusion, among many other so-called ‘Westernized diseases’ – all be induced and propagated by man-made, processed, nutrient deficient, and toxic food consumption? A plethora of evidence, including historical, clinical, epidemiologic, and experimental evidence, all supports this conclusion.

A review of medical history confirms that coronary heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), were all medical rarities in the 19th and early 20th centuries
on a world-wide basis. A review of dental history confirms that dental caries, narrowing of the dental arch, and malocclusion have all been shown to be rare in numerous populations, both in ancient
historical skull examinations as well as more recently in traditional living populations, all around the globe. But what do these seemingly disparate chronic, degenerative, non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and AMD, have in common with dental caries and malocclusion? The answer is that all such diseases are proven to be either rare or virtually absent in populations consuming their native, traditional, non-Westernized diets. On the other hand, such
Westernized chronic diseases as well as marked degrees of dental caries, abscesses, narrowing of the dental arch, and consequent malocclusion, all occur with extreme commonality in populations who
have Westernized their diets by consuming the so-called ‘displacing foods of modern commerce.’ Such ‘displacing foods,’ aptly named by Weston A. Price in 1939 and 1945, due to the fact that they supplant and replace nutrient-dense foods, consist primarily of four modernized foods including refined (added) sugars, refined cereal grains (e.g. white flours), seed (‘vegetable’) oils, and industrially
produced trans fatty acids (IPTFAs). With the exception of sugar, which has been consumed in very small quantities on a world-wide basis for centuries, ‘vegetable oils,’ refined flours, and trans fats were
all introduced into the global food supply between the years 1866 and 1911. These four foods, which were virtually non-existent on a global scale through the American Civil War ending in 1865, now occupy 63 to 75% of the American diet and may be considered ultra-processed foods, while processed
foods make up 75% of the world’s diets, currently. Such modernized, nutrient-deficient, and toxic food consumption is well recognized in thousands of published studies to correlate with increasing
obesity and chronic disease. Epidemiologic, clinical, and experimental evidence, supports the conclusion that Westernized, processed foods, are collectively pro-oxidative, pro-inflammatory, toxic
(e.g., advanced lipid oxidation end products and trans fats), and finally, nutrient-deficient, producing a pathophysiologic milieu that sets the stage for numerous chronic, degenerative and metabolic
diseases. Dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, and other specialists of the dental profession, as well as their patients, will benefit from a deep appreciation of the strong connection
between the nutritional basis of both dental disease conditions as well as chronic, degenerative diseases, all of which are ubiquitous in modern societies.

Learning Objectives
1. Attendees will develop an appreciation for the fact that chronic, degenerative diseases,
including coronary heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and age-related macular degeneration, among numerous other chronic, degenerative diseases, as well as dental caries and malocclusion, have all been shown to be either rare or virtually absent in populations consuming native, traditional diets.
2. Attendees will witness and develop an appreciation for evidence that chronic, degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, cancers, and obesity, as well as dental caries and malocclusion, all become common conditions among individuals and populations consuming Westernized,
processed foods, which primarily consist of added sugars, refined flours, seed (‘vegetable’) oils, and trans fats.
3. Attendees will leave this presentation prepared to answer fundamental questions relating to diet and chronic disease, including dental caries, abscesses, narrowing of the dental arch, and
malocclusion, and will immediately be able to discuss the basics of a healthy diet with family and friends, while having an appreciation for the ‘root cause’ of so many seemingly disparate diseases, all of which are now known to be driven by the common pathophysiologic sequelae of modernized food production.

Chris-KnobbeChris A. Knobbe, MD, is a physician, ophthalmologist, and Associate Clinical Professor Emeritus, formerly of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Ophthalmology.
Dr. Knobbe, a Weston A. Price acolyte since 2013, is known primarily for his research, writings, and presentations connecting Westernized diets to numerous so-called ‘Westernized diseases,’ including
coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancers, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and autoimmune diseases. Within the ophthalmologic profession, Dr. Knobbe
is known primarily for his revolutionary hypothesis and supportive research regarding the potentially blinding eye disease, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease which currently affects 196
million people worldwide. Dr. Knobbe’s research has also become deeply invested in the devastating effects of seed oils (‘vegetable oils’) and their unequaled contributions to Westernized disease,
including heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancers, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and other chronic diseases. Dr. Knobbe and colleagues have a published scientific paper regarding
his revolutionary hypothesis and supportive research regarding AMD, in the journal Medical Hypotheses. Knobbe is author of the book, Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration, available via online book retailers everywhere. Knobbe is a frequent speaker and lecturer, to both medical and lay audiences all across the U.S. and is now reaching international audiences both online and in conferences.

Dr. Knobbe is currently leading a team of researchers, which includes four general ophthalmologists, three retina specialists, a PhD vision scientist, and a nutrition researcher, in ongoing research regarding man-made, processed foods and the increasing prevalence of age-related macular degeneration.

Dr. Knobbe has been a frequent presenter for the Ancestral Health Symposium, the Weston A. Price Foundation, and the Macular Degeneration Association, and he has presented to colleague physicians,
researchers, ophthalmologists, optometrists, and vision scientists at these conferences as well as at the Christian Ophthalmology Society, ALLDocs Annual Convention, Low Carb Denver, and the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, all for CME. Dr. Knobbe has been certified by the American
Board of Ophthalmology since 1997. He has been the featured guest on numerous podcasts and articles including reviews and podcasts by Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr. Eric Berg. In the Winter of 2020, Dr. Knobbe was appointed the prestigious position of Honorary Board of Directors member for the Ocular Wellness & Nutrition Society (OWNS) where he also delivered the “keynote address” at their annual convention. Dr. Knobbe is Founder and President of the non-profit organization, Cure AMD FoundationÔ, where he can be reached via the official website, Dr. Knobbe accepts
no book royalties, compensation for his research, or compensation for his role in directing the Cure AMD Foundation.

This course will take attendees on a journey from the gut to the gums and back to the gut and beyond, all while discovering associations to common autoimmune diseases and chronic health conditions. In addition, failing and poor dentistry could initiate infection and inflammation that travel to areas of the body by directly leaking into the bloodstream, leaking into the lymph, and progressing along nerve sheaths.

Learning Objectives

1. Identifying imbalances in the oral microbiome as a much broader concern
2. Learn the science behind the oral systemic link between the gums and the gut
3. Recognize your role and the importance you play in your patients’ life


Karen ThomasKaren is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Digestive Solutions. Karen’s passion for the healthcare industry began at the age of 15 in dentistry. Over 39 years later, her passion has grown to include functional medicine to improve the overall health of her clients.

She is a Licensed Nutritionist, Nutrition Dietician, Certified Nutritionist Specialist®, and Certified Biological Dental Hygienist, Certified Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (FDN-P), and a motivational speaker, educator and the award-winning author of Overwhelmed & Undernourished: Use Food as Medicine and Turn Your Life Around and the 2020 Recipient of the Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction. She also holds a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Karen’s own health took a downward spiral when chronic stress led her into a 2-year, bed-ridden battle to regain her wellness. Without a proper diagnosis, she searched for the answers none of her physicians could give her. Karen was forced to figure it all out herself. Her research led her to several great resources, including the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. This taught her the health benefits of appropriate nutrition and grew her ever-expanding journey into helping others find answers to their own, similar health mysteries.

She currently works with private clients in addition to working with physicians who seek her counsel on finding the root causes of mysterious autoimmune diseases for their own patients. Karen uses functional medicine laboratory testing to accomplish this. She then designs bio-individual protocols to aid in reversing chronic health diseases.

  1. Participant will learn the role of d-xylose and xylitol in inflammation and viral infections
  2. In vitro studies will be presented that demonstrates anti-viral activity of Grapefruit Seed Extract 
  3. The mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 attachment to the cell wall and the role of d-xylose will be explained 
  4. Using xylitol as a decoy target and how this "evolved". 

Learning how to cope with all the PPE and getting kids back in school! Nasal hygiene, especially for children, is safe and effective.

Mark Cannon, DDS, MS

Mark-Cannon-BoardMark L. Cannon is a Professor of Otolaryngology, Division of Dentistry at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, an Attending Physician at Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital and a member of the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry. In addition to being the founder of Associated Dental Specialists of Long Grove (1981); he is the Research Coordinator of the Pediatric Dental residency program at Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Cannon has 40 years of experience in pediatric dentistry and has presented lectures both nationally and internationally. He lectures on many oral health topics including evolutionary oral medicine, the gateway microbiomes, biologic and bioactive dental materials (patents owner), probiotics, and all aspects of everyday Pediatric oral health. Dr. Cannon has presented guest lectures at the University of Athens, Greece, Sao Paulista State University, UNESP, Aracatuba, Brazil, University of Texas- Houston, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Louisiana State University- New Orleans, and at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Department of Pediatric Dentistry. He has had presentations to the following organizations; I.A.D.R./A.A.D.R., the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Society of Dentistry for Children, Academy of Dental Materials, World Congress of Biological Materials, International Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatric Dental Association of Asia, Australasian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, World Congress of Preventive Dentistry, Mexican Association of Pediatric Dentistry and the European Association of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Cannon has humbly accepted two invitations by the Karolinska Institute, first to the Nobel Forum (2016) and secondly to the Nobel Assembly (2017). Most of all, Dr. Cannon is the proud father of five, all of whom are very accomplished. He is also a very proud grandfather!

We are completely surrounded by endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC's).  Let's dive into this chemical world and learn what these health sabotaging substances are, when they are most likely to affect us, and what those effects mean for the degeneration of our health.  With the field of dentistry listed at the top of jobs worst for our health (dental hygiene #1), we will discover just how toxic dentistry can be.  While no one can be 100% safe from EDC's, we can become aware of our environment, reduce our exposures, and choose safer alternatives.  

Learning Objectives
1. Endocrine disruptors- the big hitters, what's around us, in us and on us
2. Physiological responses- a look at the systemic effects
3. Dentistry and it's occupational hazards
4. How do we protect ourselves and our patients? Along with safer alternatives

Katy Cameron, RDH, FAAOSH

Katy CameronKaty Cameron has been a Dental Hygienist for 16 years and a Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapist for 13 years. She studied Comprehensive Hygiene at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, an international institute dedicated to the progression of the dental profession. Katy holds an Associate Fellowship status in the use of dental lasers through the World Clinical Laser Institute and is in current pursuit of her Mastership status in laser use. As a Periodontal Therapist, she is successful in her techniques of periodontal therapy and understanding of the oral microbiome. Katy emphasizes the integration of nutrition and has expertise in oral systemic health. She is a proud member of The American Academy for Oral and Systemic Health and recently completed her Fellowship. Katy co-hosted, with Machell Hudson, the podcast Reflection Health on the Dental Network created by the founders of the famous A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast. Katy became a Specialty Hygiene Coach with Productive Dentist Academy in 2018 and especially loved speaking at the hygiene breakout during PDA events.  Continuing her education and broadening her experiences, she is enrolled in the Health Coaching program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Until the 1980's there were no published studies focused on the theme of people forgiving those who hurt them, either in the social sciences or in the medical field. Since that time, thousands of researchers have begun to examine the effectiveness of forgiveness for those who choose to forgive. Many thousands of mental health professionals are applying Forgiveness Therapy as an empirically-verified treatment. The pioneer of this new line of research is Professor Robert Enright of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Department of Educational Psychology and the founder of the International Forgiveness Institute, Inc. In this talk, he will be describing his therapeutic model of forgiveness and its effects on clients and research participants.

Learning Objectives
1. what the term forgiveness means and with what concepts is it often confused.
2. the scientific evidence showing that Forgiveness Therapy is effective in improving physical and mental health.
3. how people actually go about forgiving.

Dr. Robert Enright Robert D. Enright, Ph.D

  • Aristotelian Professorship in Forgiveness Science
  • Department of Educational Psychology
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Founding Board Member, International Forgiveness Institute, Inc.. Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • Expanded Reason Award, Univ. of Francisco de Vitoria, Madid, Spain

Prepare for an invigorating seminar geared to give the dentist strategies on how they can eat soundly, exercise regularly & develop a fitness mindset. The research shows that physically active professionals and CEO’s have better cognitive ability and more zest for life than their inactive counterparts. Most dentists are very surprised to discover the link between their energy / vitality and their performance in the office. Finally, a different kind of program to help dentists perform better at the office and lead their staff in 2021 and beyond.

Learning Objectives 
1. Learn how your health & vitality impacts your productivity at the office.
2. Develop a fitness mindset 24/7 and become a more effective leader.
3. Find out how other business and world leaders have become empowered.
4. Increase your energy & vitality and feel the benefits at work and home.
5. Discover new wellness strategies and get inspired to take action NOW!


Uche Odiatu head shot
Dr. Uche Odiatu is a practicing dentist and professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine.Dr Uche Odiatu is the author of The Miracle of Health, a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine and a practicing dentist in Toronto. This busy dentist is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and has given over 400 lectures in England, Canada, the USA, the Bahamas, Denmark, Bermuda and Norway. Twitter @FitSpeakers Instagram
Instagram @fitspeakers
Twitter @fitspeakers
Toronto Canada

We know that chronic inflammation in periodontitis can lead to tissue destruction and a myriad of complications locally, and systemically. In an era of COVID-19 – clinicians and patients are acutely aware the unique host immune response greatly affects individual outcomes and long-term effects.

There is an increasing body of data, modalities, medicaments and behavioral strategies that show us what’s possible in this area of host modulation with the goal to: resolve inflammation, prevent tissue destruction, and even regenerate tissue and bone. An introduction to the concept of host modulation and some current tools available will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify some genetic (innate) and environmental (acquired/environmental) factors that contribute to the host immunoinflammatory response.
  2. Explore some promising host modulation opportunities such as: sub-antimicrobial dose of doxycycline, specialized pro-resolution mediators (SPM’s), bisphosphonate or statin gels and supplements to curb inflammation.
  3. Discuss some lifestyle modifications that can be important modulatory and anti-inflammatory strategies like sleep hygiene, diet, airway management, stress management, etc.


Doug Thompson, DDS, FAAMM, ABAAHP

Doug Thompson, DDS, FAAMM, ABAAHP, has a private practice, Integrative Oral Medicine, in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He is also founder of Wellness Dentistry Network – an online hub of resources and an international community for dental and medical teams implementing oral systemic protocols into practice. He is a faculty member at the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle, a board member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, has completed a fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine from The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is a published author of a chapter in the text book: Personalized and Precision Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine, and winner of the 2020 SEEN Magazine Changemaker Award in the category of Medicine.


What is the reason one person ages better than another? Is it nature or nurture? Is it genes or environment? Rates of aging lie in the complex interactions between genes, social relationships, environments, and lifestyle. Each are critical and the interaction between them is what matters most. In aging, we not only want longevity we want a long health span not a long disease span. Taking health down to a cellular level to show what premature cellular aging looks like is important to be able to live healthier lives. We will deep dive into the genetic heart of the cell, into the chromosomes where you will find telomeres. Telomeres shorten with each cell division and help to determine how fast your cells age and when they die, depending on how quickly they wear down. Science has now shown us that the end of chromosomes can lengthen and do not simply carry out the commands issued by genetic code. The way we live, in effect, tell your telomeres to speed up the process of cellular aging but it can also do the opposite. One of the keys to a longer healthier life is to simply do our part to foster healthy cell renewal.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize what is a telomere, telomerase, senescent and immunosenescent cells and the indications of the aging process of DNA.
  2. Acquire a knowledge of what oxidative stress can do to telomeres and telomerase.
  3. Learn key tricks to take control over how short, long or robust your telomeres are.
  4. Understand that one of the common causes of inflamm-aging involves telomere damage.
  5. Identify the relationship between chronic stress, shortened telomeres, and prematurely aging immune cells.


AnneORice-300x300Anne has over 30 years’ experience as a dental hygienist and her love of oral systemic health prompted her in 2017 to found Oral Systemic Seminars. She passionately helps to educate the dental community but loves aiding to bridge the gap between medicine, dentistry and the general public. She loves research, writing and speaking and is focused on dementia prevention and that relationship with dentistry. Anne is a graduate of the Bale/Doneen Method, and in 2020 became a Fellow with AAOSH, a Certified Dementia Practitioner and became Certified as a Brain Longevity Specialist with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation. Anne is involved with the ADHA, the Texas Oral Health Coalition and the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. You may reach Anne at or

“A mighty flame follows a tiny spark.” Dante. We now know there are new and better ways to take care of our patients. No longer can we just focus our appointment times on scaling and polishing. Our efforts must be focused on recognizing and mitigating inflammation “FIRES” or infection in the body. This course will give you an overview of how to understand why a fire can get out of control, identify clues on the medical history, and recognize the three primary igniters of inflammation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why fire gets out of control
  • Identify the smoke signals on the medical history
  • Recognize three igniters of a "five alarm fire". 



Kriston Seattle Headshot

Kriston Reisnour RDH,BSDH,CCSH,CSOM passionately coaches and lectures to dental teams on their collaborative role in today’s integrated healthcare system.

Comes highly recommended having been the Dental Program Director for the BaleDoneen Method, recent work at Seattle Study Club, and her extensive experience and knowledge of the comprehensive oral and systemic approach to optimal care.

She is a credentialed clinical health educator, certified specialist in orofacial myology, and an airway ambassador. MS. Reisnour is an accomplished speaker, writer, owner of “Intentional Hygiene”, “Orofacial Myology of PNW”, and a dental hygienist of over 30 years experience.

Her ability to combine scientific depth and empathy is unique. As a proficient author, she is regularly featured in peer-reviewed publications. She is a member of ADHA, WSDHA, AAOSH, DeW and can be reached at (360) 770-1784

In this pandemic aware time we live in, it's pretty clear that no one wants to end up on a ventilator. If a patient's lung screening shows them to have aged lungs  beyond their actual age, then it's time to wake up!  COVID -19, and the viruses that will surely follow, are potentially leading to life threatening breathing challenges. Its time to offer our patents the straight scoop about the potential time bomb ticking in their lungs right now! It could be from smoking or from breathing in pollutants, but everyone needs to know their lung age stat!  

Learning Objectives
1. Smoking Cessation and the Dental Office: Easy opportunities for improved health
2. Smokers and Lung Age Estimation: Understanding damage being done
3. Smoking Cessation Tools: Patient specific test results easily obtained


David Rowland has spent in excess of 45 years working both as a Clinician and a Product Specialist primarily in the respiratory medical field and in lung diagnostics. He began his career clinically in Respiratory Care Services at the Baptist Medical Center - Montclair in Birmingham, AL and DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, AL, where he served as Director of the Service. Upon leaving the clinical field, David has worked extensively with manufacturers of lung diagnostic testing equipment holding positions with Fortune 500 companies and privately held businesses. He is sought after as an expert in the respiratory industry for his clinical and business expertise. 

David received his undergraduate degree in Education from Samford University in Birmingham, AL and his continuing medical education at The University of Alabama Birmingham campus at The University of Chicago. 

He is the past Chairman of the Tri-State Respiratory Conference, past President of the Alabama Society of Respiratory Care (3 years), a member of the American Association for Respiratory Care, and a life member of the Alabama Society for Respiratory Care. 


Today, more than ever, the public NEEDS Healthcare Providers to help them navigate through life. How we do that can make the difference between becoming a provider they know, like, and trust vs one that triggers and offends. The use of validated tools to elicit deeply entrenched, and personal information, has been widely used by medicine and psychiatry for years. Now is the time for Dentistry to step into the role of Wholistic Healthcare by becoming familiar with these strategies. Let's challenge our beliefs about who our patients really are and how we can best serve them!


Julia WorrallThere is good reason Julia Worrall (aka The Sleep RN) is asked to speak at conferences, high-level meetings, and be interviewed for popular medical podcasts all over the world: this highly sought-after expert in sleep and airway health has quickly risen to the top of her field by connecting what was once thought to be disconnected. The result has changed lives and revolutionized medical practices around the world.

As a passionate Airway Advocate and mentor, Ms. Worrall continues to march forward on her mission to drive innovation research, proclaiming the importance of treating sleep to manage--or better yet, prevent--disease by creating area-specific education, testing and treatment options for unique populations.

The history and practice of treating tooth decay with medicine
Development of silver diamine fluoride
The literature that describes caries arrest and prevention
Clinical protocols
Future opportunities for implementation 

Learning objectives

1. How to compare both the medical and surgical management of caries lesions
2. How can silver and fluoride reach out to populations with caries and without access to care
3. How to restore teeth treated with silver diamine fluoride


Steve Duffin

Steve attended UCLA and completed a degree in microbiology prior to attending dental school at Emory University. He has practiced in both private practice as well as public health settings. His current interests are focused on using a medical approach to controlling tooth decay at the population level. He is both an author and contributing editor of the textbook Smart Oral Health, which includes chapters by many authorities from around the world. Several clinical demonstration programs have been conducted with his team in South America and Africa over the past ten years.

Please send questions to


Dental professionals have been working with technologies that produce biologically active aerosols for over 50 years. While we have studied the pathogenic potential of these aerosols, more recent events like the COVID Pandemic have brought new focus on the health risks. This presentation will cover scientific background on dental aerosols, why they are a clear and present danger to dental professionals, and how we can mitigate the risk.

Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of the presentation the attendee will understand the historical science behind dental aerosols.
  2. At the end of the presentation the attendee will be able to discuss current science and long term risks associated with dental aerosols for dental professionals.
  3. At the end of the presentation the attendee will be able to put together a plan for their practice to reduce their risks from dental aerosols.

Kim Kutsch

Dr. V. Kim Kutsch received his undergraduate degree from Westminster College in Utah and then completed his DMD at University of Oregon School of Dentistry in 1979. He is an inventor holding seventeen patents in dentistry, product consultant, internationally recognized speaker, is past president of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, and the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. He also has served on the board of directors for the World Clinical Laser Institute and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

As an author, Dr. Kutsch has published over 100 articles and abstracts on minimally invasive dentistry, caries risk assessment, digital radiography and other technologies in both dental and medical journals and contributed chapters to numerous textbooks. He coauthored Balance, a textbook on dental decay with 140,000 copies in print, and just authored the patient workbook on dental caries titled Why Me? He also wrote the Rough World trilogy, a young adult science fiction trilogy.

He acts as a reviewer for several journals including the Journal of the American Dental Association and Compendium. Dr. Kutsch also serves as CEO of Dental Alliance Holdings LLC, manufacturer of the Carifree system, and Remin Media. As a clinician he is a Graduate, Mentor and Scientific Advisor of Dental Caries at the prestigious Kois Center. Dr. Kutsch maintains a private practice in Albany Oregon.

At each juncture in history there has been a motivation for change marked by challenge and innovative genius. Standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, dentists are more powerful now than we have ever been. Armed with revolutionary advances in technology and medical science, we are entering a new era of dentistry, but are hindered by self-imposed limitation. Committed to advancing the field, Dr. Hazel Glasper inspires us to become innovators in our own right, to expand our role in the field of medicine and become key members of our patients’ healthcare network through expansive thinking and inspired action that impacts us now and far into the future.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will understand and appreciate the need to take a big picture, big action approach to dentistry that makes a more significant impact in the health of their patients.
2. Participants will be inspired to think beyond current practice paradigms to improve treatment outcomes and elevate the field of dentistry.
3. Participants will emerge with an expanded vision of what is possible for them as practitioners and for the field, overall.


H. Glasper

Dr. Hazel Glasper is passionate about dentistry. Known for her direct delivery and engaging lecture style, Dr. Glasper’s innovative approach to comprehensive care has established her as a thought leader in the field. Her hallmark emphasis on health, function and aesthetics as key to ethical practice offers dentists a new and improved model that redefines the role of dentists as physicians of the oral cavity and empowers them to take their rightful place in the medical field as key members of their patients’ healthcare team.

An expert on oral - systemic links to disease, Dr. Glasper is a lead legislative member of the Maryland Dental Action Coalition and has been awarded a Fellowship in the International College of Dentists.

A powerful advocate for women, Dr. Glasper and her team help female dentists of color overcome cultural and societal barriers and build successful, sustainable practices that set a new standard for dental practice in their communities.

Dr. Glasper is redefining comprehensive dentistry. Committed to advancing the perception of oral health, Dr. Glasper is the visionary behind the national oral health campaign, Teach Me Dental and the CEO of The Comprehensive Dental Continuum, a consulting agency that prepares dentists for a new era in dentistry by implementing principles and practices that optimize both practice revenues and patient outcomes. Her company slogan Sell More Dentistry Save More Lives illustrates the power of dentistry to positively impact morbidity and mortality rates now and for years to come.

For more information visit

In September 2018, I was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma with severe lytic lesions throughout my entire skeleton. I was given 3-6 months to live. I rejected chemotherapy and pursued my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. But in August 2019, I had severe pathological fractures that put me into a Hospice Hospital to die. Yet I rallied and returned to my Unconventional Cancer Protocols to recreate a robust immune system. In May 2020, my PET Scan showed no active cancer cells in my entire body. I don’t have a cure for cancer, and I am not in remission. But I do have a method to develop a robust immune system, which is critical for health and wellness.


Learning Objectives:

  • Alternative ways to view “life-threatening events”.
  • A robust immune system is your key to health and wellness
  • How to recreate your robust immune system by incorporating a specific diet, methods to restore gut health, and treatment to improve cellular integrity and energy production.

Dr. Al Danenberg Bio

dr. alDr. Danenberg goes by “Dr. Al”. He is a periodontist and was in private practice for 44 years. He incorporated ancestral nutrition & lifestyle with his leading-edge laser protocol to treat periodontal disease. In September 2018, he retired from the active practice of treating individual patients. However, Dr. Al still consults with patients all over the world virtually regarding nutrition, lifestyle, oral and overall health, and the importance of a healthy gut and immune system. He also discusses his Unconventional Cancer Journey since he was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in September 2018 and was given only 3-6 months to live. Dr. Al rejected all chemotherapy and is thriving today.

Dr. Al received advanced training in evolutionary nutrition from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. In June 2014, he received the Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) designation as well as the certification as a Certified Primal Health Coach. In 2015, he was appointed to the faculty of the College of Integrative Medicine and created the college’s integrative periodontal teaching module. Then, in April 2017, Dr. Al earned the designation of “ADAPT Trained Health Professional” from Kresser Institute.

In July 2017, Elektra Press released his book, “Crazy-Good Living”, which is based on ancestral nutrition and lifestyle.

On April 14, 2020, Dr. Al was appointed the Chair of the Periodontal Committee for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM). He also created the Certification Course offered by the IABDM, which will bestow the designation of Certified Biological Nutritional Dental Professional after successful completion of the program. This is the first certification of its kind.

On July 17, 2020, Dr. Al was appointed as a Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Immunity at Daivam Wellness Center in India.

In August 2020, he published two mini-eBooks on Amazon for download: Better Belly Blueprint and Is Your Gut Killing You?

In November 2020, Nutrisense offered Dr. Danenberg a position on its Advisory Board.


This talk will provide an overview of pediatric sleep related obstructive breathing disorders. Associations between early life factors such as prematurity, impaired nasal breathing/ chronic oral breathing, narrow hard palate, etc and pediatric OSA will be reviewed.  

Learning Objective
Provide an overview of pediatric obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) focusing on upper airway function and development.

Dr. Shannon S. Sullivan is Clinical Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, Departments of Pediatrics and, by courtesy, Psychiatry, in the area of Sleep Medicine.  She is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Pediatric Pulmonology, and Pediatrics. 

Learning Objective
Understand the potential consequences and systemic health risk in leaving orofacial myofunctional disorders untreated.


Samantha Weaver, MS, SLP, is a Director and Clinical Lead Faculty for the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT), an institute that leads in the training and research facilitation of orofacial myofunctional therapy. A founding board member of the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences (AAMS) Samantha is leading an effort the 1st validation study of OMT in a multinational RCT.


A case study following a patient over 40 years reveals how important early intervention is when many red flags are missed in treatment.

Orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) represents a novel, non-invasive strategy to treat sleep disordered breathing, including OSA (Guilleminault 2013, Camacho 2015, Bandyopadhyay 2020). Recent evidence has supported its usage in children with OSA and may represent a novel paradigm of therapy that may prevent onset of pediatric OSA (Sullivan 2017). This talk evaluate the recent evidence on OMT, while exploring what is clinically known that may be of immediate interest to those working in sleep medicine who wish to apply a robust, multidisciplinary approach including dentists, ENTs, pulmonary, and OMT intervention.

Learning Objectives:
Appraise the efficacy of OMT as a critically important, emerging field of medicine for the prevention and treatment of OSA

Marc Richard Moeller, BA, is the Managing Director of the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT), Marc is also founding board chair and executive director of the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences, the leading scientific and clinical society in OMT worldwide, which has helped start 24 nonprofits world-wide to date. Marc has spoken in 40+ countries on OMT.

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Chris Kammer, DDS


Dr. Chris Kammer is a past president and founder of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. Dr. Kammer’s work has been presented at numerous dental conferences, conventions, and seminars, and has been published in leading dental journals. He is also on the technology team for Dental Products Report. In recent years he has been a passionate educator in the media and in professional forums about the importance of the oral systemic approach.


Machell Hudson, RDH


Machell Hudson, RDH, is on faculty and consults with clients through Productive Dentist Academy. She is a full-time clinical hygienist with Dr. Bruce Baird at Granbury Dental Center, and holds advanced certification in laser therapy, arterial wellness, and oral-systemic connection through the BaleDoneen method preceptorship. She is an active member and Fellow of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) and sits on the marketing board.