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Buckeye Dental Medical Connection


January 27-28, 2023 | Columbus, OH

Attention all Dentists, Hygienists, Physicians, Dental and Medical Teams:  

AAOSH is Coming to Columbus Ohio!

Oral & Systemic Health for a Successful Practice

Step into the new paradigm in prevention and treatment strategies for chronic systemic inflammation. We are exploring various topics from periodontal disease to cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, acid reflux, sleep/airway disorders, gut dysbiosis, and more.

Now is the time for interprofessional collaboration!

Join us with your team members and medical/dental colleagues

Earn up to 12 CE/CME credits!
CME is available ONLY to medical professionals

You will learn: 

  • What AAOSH is and how to get involved.
  • Strategies to shut down inflammation for your patients, in their mouth, vascular system, and gut, help with regulation of blood glucose and more, by collaborating with your medical/ dental colleagues.
  • Salivary & diabetes testing chair side
  • Gut microbiome
  • Perio treatment & profitability
  • Pediatric airway

This event will fill fast, limited spots are available.

Mark your calendars, bring your team and "like minded" medical dental colleagues!  

Are you ready to be a part of the revolutionization of interdisciplinary healthcare by uniting medicine and dentistry to empower a higher quality of life? 

 $49/attendee, includes CE. CME is additional $50. Lunch is included.
Register today to join us in Ohio!

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Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP are generously supporting the event by giving all attendees a signed copy of their new book, Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain!

Venue details

Ohio Buckeye conference center

Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center
100 Green Meadows Dr. South
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035


     January 27, 2023 8am-5pm EST

Presented by: Dr. Susan Maples 

Introduction of AAOSH board members, speakers, housekeeping

Introduction of Sponsors
What does it mean to you in your everyday practice? How do you collaborate with your colleagues?

Panel of our doctor speakers: Dr. Susan Maples, Dr. Eric Goulder, Dr. Ellie Campbell, Dr. Barb McClatchie, Dr. Keith Lewis

Presented by: Eric Goulder, MD, FACC & Barbara McClatchie, DDS

We are all more and more aware of our failing health care system in this country and some of us are trying very hard to make a difference. Some of the biggest flaws in the system are, very little collaboration between patients' extended health care team and very few providers practicing from a preventive approach. In this course we want to share how you can determine and reduce your patients' risk for having a heart attack or stroke or developing diabetes or dementia and how to create a collaborative relationship with your dental and medical colleagues.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the value of medical-dental collaboration and how working together impacts our patients' total body health
  • Understand the effect of successful periodontal therapy on medical inflammatory tests results
  • Learn the value of a carotid intima media thickness scan as it relates to periodontal therapy



Presented by: Julie Cox, BSDH, RDH, EFDA

Have you been struck by the “Curse of Hygiene?”

  • Guessing what is causing the periodontal infection…only to blame the patient, telling them to brush and floss more
  • Guessing the severity of the periodontal infection - saying “There’s just a little bleeding” and then needing a tourniquet by the end of the prophylaxis
  • Guessing the best treatment for the periodontal infection - only to move from one product to the next needing a better solution for recurrent infections
It's time to stop the “Dental Hygiene Insanity”! Stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Salivary testing is creating a shift in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal infections. Join us to learn key strategies to create an updated periodontal treatment protocol in your practice!

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how testing for high risk periodontal pathogens is creating a paradigm shift in the practice of dental hygiene.
  • Know why to test, who to test, and how to test with salivary diagnostics
  • Learn how test results drive treatment decisions, and improve treatment outcomes
  • Take away key communication strategies to implement testing in your practice.


AAOSH will provide box lunches in the dining room. Time to visit sponsors.

You can shut down oral inflammation. (Periodontal diagnosis, treatment planning,  effective presentation, profitability in the hygiene department.)

Presented by: HASPC hygiene team


Presented by: Susan Maples, DDS

Out of the backdrop of America’s declining health emerge two fire-breathing dragons that destroy tooth and bone:  Periodontal Disease and Insulin Resistance/Diabetes.   This presentation will help you recognize the interplay of these two conditions. More importantly, Susan will challenge our acceptance of conventional “perio treatment” methods and inspire the dental profession to accept a more profound role in root cause analysis and facilitating health change behavior.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the bi-directional relationship between uncontrolled (or undetected) Diabetes and active Periodontal Disease
  • Uncover root causes and contemporary treatment strategies  of each: Periodontal Disease and Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM)
  • Understand the pathology and progression of Insulin Resistance and to Pre-Diabetes and finally to T2DM
  • Learn evidence-based screening, testing and diagnostic criteria for T2DM
  • Touch on our role as facilitator and coach for preventing and/or improving lifestyle-related systemic disease


Break and visit sponsors.

Presented by: Susan Maples, DDS

Imagine a time, in the not-so-distant future when every dentist will have a keen eye on optimal health for “littles”—beginning in the first year of life. We will consider it our responsibility (and privilege) to prevent, screen for, diagnose and facilitate treatment options for Early Childhood Caries (ECC) and a myriad of airway disfunctions and breathing disturbances.   
Our ability to predictably identify airway disorders in a young child, during waking and sleeping hours, calls for expansion of our skills and habitual actions in day-to-day practice. Susan’s presentation will give you and your clinical team some simple thought processes, screening instruments and communication strategies to bring these concepts to reality on Monday morning.  She will also help you map out a strategy to grow collaborative, co-referral relationships with other necessary airway-astute health professionals in your community.

Learning Objectives

  • Grow your confidence to be comprehensive in your complete “Infant Oral Health exam
  • See how to take an airway-interested health history and quickly identify risk factors from parent-reported symptoms
  • To prevent ECC but also to treat it—far beyond drilling and filling
  • To identify airway disfunction, from infancy through childhood, especially before 72 months.
  • Learn to recognize physical signs of pediatric airway disfunction by looking into a child’s face, mouth, pharynx and nose.
  • Introduce an ability to evaluate function vs. disfunction in breathing, swallowing, speaking and chewing.
  • Regarding a co-collaborative pediatric team of health professionals in your community: learn who you need and how to support them
  • Gain a prospective on treatment modalities you may wish to incorporate: lip and tongue release, myofunctional therapy, trainers and other early expansion techniques.
  • Develop influential and memorable communication skills for children, parents and other health professionals

with Susan Maples, DDS

All attendees and exhibitors are invited to Dr. McClatchie & Dr. Goulder’s office for light food and drinks!
350 W. Wilson Bridge Rd, Ste 320-A, Worthington, OH 43085

     January 28, 2023 8am-12pm EST

Opening: Challenge to Create Co-referral Relationships in Your Community 

Presented by: Dr. Susan Maples

Presented by: Ellie Campbell, DO

Learning Objectives

  • Why you are measuring  blood pressure wrong
  • Hidden root cause contributors to hypertension
    • Food sensitivities including gluten/zonulin
    • Micronutrient deficiency
    • Oral health including flora, low nitric oxide, sleep disorders
  • Natural Remedies for High Blood
    • Rapid fixes from the dental chair
    • Long term strategies -  Therapeutic lifestyle changes to lower BP and energize your life
  • Putting it all together
    • Campbell Root-cause Evaluation model for cardio/reno/vascular Prevention And the Treatment of Hypertension (CAREpath) AKA


Break and visit sponsors.

Presented by: Dr.Keith Lewis, DC, DABAAHP, FAAIM, BCIM, DAAPM, CFMP

Course title: ReCode: A Revolutionary Plan to Optimize Cognition and Reverse Dementia

Learning Objectives:
Empowering Healthcare Providers with the ability to understand there is hope and treatment for reversing cognitive decline


Panel of all our doctor speakers

Techniques for screening, referring, treating sleep disorder.

AAOSH closing statement




Patti received her Dental Hygiene Degree from Western Kentucky University in 1972. After practicing twenty five years as a periodontal therapist, she founded Dental Hygiene Excellence in 1997 and has trained many dental teams to work together to transition from dental care to oral systemic or complete health care.

Patti is a founding member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and a Preceptor for the Bale/Doneen Method.

She is now the Patient Liaison at the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, host for the Ask Why Medicine podcast, and Co-Clinical Director for Integrative Dental Medicine Scholar Society.

Her professional passion focuses on excellent oral systemic patient care, helping patients in their personalized prevention program to reduce their risks for heart disease, strokes, diabetes and dementia and guiding her medical and dental colleagues learn to collaborate for better patient outcomes.

Patti lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, Butch , extended family and little dachshund, Bella. She is also a member of the “hole in one” club!


Susan Maples, DDS

Dr. Susan Maples leads a successful, total health, insurance-independent dental practice in Holt, Michigan. She brings preventive and restorative dental expertise, a passion for mouth-body total health, a master’s degree in business/marketing, and 30+ years of experience in private practice. She is the creator and founder of Total Health Academy, a complete online solution for dental teams to integrate all aspects of Total Health Dentistry, author of BlabberMouth! 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You To Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life, developer of the Hands-On Learning Lab™ and Susan currently serves on the Governing Board of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH).

Ellie-Campbell Perferred Shot

Ellie CamPbell, DO

Dr. Campbell is a native Chicagoan with a BS and MS from the University of Illinois, a DO degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a Family Medicine residency from the Medical College of Georgia. Board certified in Family Medicine for over 25 years, she also holds certification from the American Board of Integrative Medicine. For thirteen years, Dr. Campbell practiced indigent healthcare in a Community Health Center, but since 2005 has championed a solo, concierge-style integrative, holistic, functional medicine-based family practice.

Dr. Campbell has specialty interests-- and lectures internationally on-- innovative medical practice design and management, community partnerships, Functional Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, cardiovascular disease prevention, the oral-systemic connection, solutions to physician burnout and Vitamin D.

In her spare time, Dr. Campbell enjoys live theater, gardening, healthy cooking, hiking, travel, and playtime with her husband and three college-age daughters.


Eric goulder, MD

Dr. Eric Goulder, board-certified cardiologist has been practicing cardiology for more than thirty years. Over this time, Dr. Goulder has practiced what is called “standard of care” cardiology. It is based on guidelines that are developed from medical research to obtain the best outcomes for large populations. While that is fine as far as it goes, he now feels that he wants to treat each patient based upon his/her particular situation and genetic make-up. We are all a little different, and while a cookbook recipe works well for large groups, it may not be right for you in particular; you are a group of one.

While Dr. Goulder has always enjoyed practicing invasive and clinical cardiology, he has also had a strong interest in preventive cardiology as well. He has been somewhat frustrated over his years of practice, by knowing that there must be more to the story of what causes coronary artery disease beyond the classically described risk factors—hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, smoking family history, sedentary lifestyle. There were always those patients with coronary disease who did not fit the mold of the classic risk factors. After having taken The BaleDoneen Preceptorship, Dr. Goulder has now been exposed to a whole new arena of ways to slow the progression of coronary disease and even prevent its occurrence. It is this exciting new relationship between coronary disease and the many underlying inflammatory processes that is the key to stopping heart disease in its tracks. This is also where the oral systemic approach, the relationship between dentists and medical physicians, becomes so important.



Dr. Barbara McClatchie is on a mission to enrich the quality of life for every person she meets. Her practice, Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, employs a team of professionals specializing in general restorative dentistry and uses researched-based methods that ensure optimal oral, mouth, and heart health.

In 2011, Dr. McClatchie completed The BaleDoneen Preceptorship certification and continues mentored study today. In this program, she attends monthly scientific updates to learn the latest science to prevent cardiovascular disease from progressing and to actually reverse it, through practicing personalized dental medicine. She and her team offer saliva testing to identify the presence of five high-risk bacteria that can increase chances of cardiovascular disease as well as to determine a person’s genetic risks. As an accredited provider of The BaleDoneen Method, she works in partnership with The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio and supports other dentists to help patients prevent heart attacks and strokes. She is a founding member of The American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, an organization bringing medical and dental professionals together as patient advocates for better patient outcomes.

Patti Cozby, RDH

Patti Cozby, RDH

Patti received her Dental Hygiene Degree from University of Cincinnati, Raymond Walters College (1991). After practicing 28 years as a periodontal therapist, in 2019 Patti became the Practice & Patient Care Manager of the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, the first practice in the country honored to have a cardiologist and dentist under one roof. Patti became a Bale/Doneen Preceptor in 2017 and a member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health since 2018.

Her passion for dentistry focuses on the oral/systemic connection with a focus on prevention. Educating and empowering her patients with knowledge that they can truly reverse and prevent disease.

Patti lives in Dublin, Ohio. Her favorite past times are spending time with her adult children and young grandchildren, traveling, and creating artwork within the needle arts genre. She also enjoys watching the performing arts within winter guard and drum & bugle corps.

Becky Boyer

Becky Boyer, BSDH, RDH

Received her degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Kentucky in May of 1994
Licensed for Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide
Hygiene Coach for Dental Hygiene Excellence
Member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH)
CPR Certified

Why I’m Passionate About What I Do:
I have been a periodontal therapist and patient advocate for over 22 years and have always been passionate about health and wellness, not only for my patients but for myself and my family as well. Being a part of Complete Health Dentistry allows me to give my patients the absolute best in care. And seeing those beautiful white smiles is the best part! My patients are like family to me and I make a point to get to know each one individually to provide customized care for each person. By focusing on the oral-systemic connection I am able to work with my patients to obtain truly optimal health.

Fun Facts:
Lives in Worthington, Ohio with 2 daughters,2  adorable pups, and fiancé.

Julie Cox photo

Julie Cox, BSDH, RDH, EFDA

Julie is a Registered Dental Hygienist. She earned her Bachelor’s degree of Science, as well as her EFDA certification at The Ohio State University. She has over 15 years of clinical experience specializing in periodontal therapy. Additionally, Julie has worked as a dental consultant in the coaching/education space for over 12 years. She is extensively trained and most passionate about utilizing targeted therapy to treat high risk oral pathogens.

Lewis Pic with Yellow Tie


Dr. Keith Lewis, DC, DABAAHP, FAAIM, BCIM, DAAPM, CFMP has been treating patients since 1986. As a Chiropractor with experience, Dr. Lewis is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of his patients. He has completed his Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine, Board Certification in Integrative Medicine, a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine along with a Diplomate in Pain Management.

Dr. Lewis uses a 'whole person approach' when taking care of his patients. By combining the very best hands-on-technique, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing evidenced based nutritional counseling utilizing whole food vitamins, minerals, and herbal preparations. Comprehensive history and diagnostic testing are key components in the evaluation process. Dr. Lewis works with patients to help accelerate and/or maintain the journey to good health using a “root cause” approach.
Dr. Lewis is currently licensed in Ohio, California, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor check in:
7:00am Friday, January 27th and must be set up by 8:00am.
Lunch will be provided, as well as coffee and tea. 
Exhibitor check out:
12:00 Noon Saturday, January 28th.