Mike Milligan

Dr. Mike Milligan

Advisory Council Member

Dr. Mike has completed advanced training in non-surgical gum treatment and the latest in patient protection procedures. He has also studied with the leading cosmetic and implant dentists in the country. Dr. Milligan is a member and past president of the McLean County Dental Society, and has been active in several civic and community endeavors. He is Founder and President of OralSystemicLink.net “Saving Lives through Oral-Systemic Health.” He is a Founding Member, past Board Member, Past President, and Master Fellow of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. He is an expert in how the mouth affects the body and how to prevent many overall health problems through correct diagnosis and treatment of the mouth, including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, sleep apnea, and many other concerns. Dr. Mike is also a certified myofunctional therapist and trained in the Buteyko breathing method. Dr Milligan has authored several articles and he speaks to healthcare groups nationwide.

Dr Milligan’s written mission is “to help people live better.” He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Karen, their four wonderful children, and their eight beautiful grandchildren.