Western 2024 - Speaker Photos - Email - Haroldo Magarinos ND, DDS

Haroldo Magarinos ND, DDS

Western Regional 2024 Speaker

Title: "Build, Balance, Boost: Uncovering and Supporting the Synchronous Relationship Between Microbiome, Nitric Oxide, and the Body's Natural Healing Systems."

Speaker Bio: Dr. Haroldo Magarinos is a Chilean dentist with expertise in periodontics, oral medicine, and surgical implantology.
After a decade of conventional practice and university teaching, he followed his passion and became a board-certified naturopathic doctor. Additionally, he has expertise in integrative biological dental medicine, homeopathy, live blood analysis, peptide therapy, and advanced clinical ozone therapy. Dr. Haroldo has long been a strong advocate of the study of the human microbiome, with the conviction that treating patients with dysbiosis can prevent and even correct many prevalent forms of chronic disease. Using his knowledge and experience in this field, he has been able to improve the lives of hundreds of people who wanted a deeper understanding and management of the underlying causes of their health problems. He is the co-founder and clinical director of Revolution Gut Health, an online platform that provides counseling services to anyone interested in learning about and improving microbiome-related health conditions.