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What is your patient's saliva telling you?

SillHa Oral Wellness System can provide the answer.

ARKRAY USA SillHa Oral Wellness System—a breakthrough approach to salivary screening, oral care and overall wellness. A simple, elegant system using a saliva sample and a quick 5-minute process yielding a patient friendly, multi-point analysis for your patients and new possibilities for your practice.

Begin a discussion with your patient to guide them to oral wellness

ARKRAY USA SillHa Key Benefits

• Easy operation and rapid measurement — minimize workflow disruption
• Measures 7 items in 1 test in 5 minutes in your office — no delay in getting results
• Compact and lightweight – SillHa fits in the palm of your hand and can be used in a small space

Easy to Use
• Test results in just minutes to support your clinical assessment
• Simple touch-screen display
• Visual report to support patient education, care plan and hygiene products

Visual Results
• Begin a dialogue with your patient on oral wellness using this as your guide
• Customize comments easily for a more personal conversation
• Motivate/congratulate progress over time with comparison feature

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Phone: 844-559-0842



Empowering patients to engage in their oral healthcare can be a constant challenge for dental professionals. Some patients are fearful of procedures, some want you to make all the decisions, and some just want to get in and out, and not come back. Or, if insurance doesn’t cover it, they are not interested to learn how it may help them.

Saliva analysis screening technology can provide information you did not have previously and can amp up your conversation to deliver oral health and hygiene education with visual, objective measurements. It may just keep your patients coming back for more.

A few tests available can identify specific pathogens that cause disease, are considered diagnostic and are more expensive to administer as you have to send the sample out to a lab for analysis.[i] Saliva screening tools differ in that they are quick and easy to use and typically cost much less to implement. One saliva analysis system uses dual-wavelength reflectance spectrometry to measure key saliva biomarkers through a chemical reaction on the test pad which eliminates culturing of bacteria for days to get numbers or sending samples off to a lab. Other saliva tests measure the pH of saliva to determine if the oral cavity is acidic,[ii] or salivary flow to determine hyposalivation.[iii] Saliva screening test results are tools that can be used to complement a clinical assessment of your patient to provide more information to support suggesting new oral hygiene habits, products, or treatments.

Ammonia: Health Never Smelled So Bad!

Presented by: Erinne Kennedy, DMD, MPH, MMSc with ARKRAY

There are two types of bacteria that can grow inside your mouth: commensal or pathogenic bacteria. When reducing caries and periodontal disease, it is important how we can help commensal bacteria flourish in the oral cavity. Ammonia is a great marker of how much healthy bacteria is growing in your mouth. In this webinar, you will learn more about measuring ammonia in saliva and what that means for your patients.


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