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AAOSH aims to promote continuing education by offering dental, medical, and allied healthcare professionals superior educational opportunities. Our Collaboration Cures In-person Event, online dental & medical education courses, the AAOSH Journal, and various hybrid events throughout the year provide AAOSH members with exceptional education for their CE and CME needs.

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Our continuing education credits are cutting-edge, research-based education that has an immediate impact on your ability to treat patients, grow your practice, and become a leader in oral systemic health. The focus of our core curriculum online learning is to allow practitioners to receive interdisciplinary and actionable information on a number of core curriculum topics.

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Interested in contributing to the Core Curriculum?

If you have experience or expertise in a particular subject and would like to contribute to our courses, we invite you to submit an abstract. Your submission could help shape the education of future students, and we look forward to reviewing your ideas. Please view our guidelines for submission, and then use the form link to submit your abstract. Thank you for your interest!

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Core Curriculum Modules


AAOSH's continued education Curriculum can be broken into 14 Core Groups. You can find them below. Click the card to see our list of courses under that category.

1. Periodontal Disease and Biofilm Diseases of the Mouth
2. Metabolic Health
3. Lifestyle
4. Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders
5. Adult Airway and Sleep Disorders
6. Pediatric Health, Airway, Sleep Disorders, and Breathing
7. Behavior Influences, Increasing Health Literacy, and the Psychology of Healing
8. Enviornmental Influences
9. Cardiovascular Health
10. Genetics
11. Brain Health
12. Gut Health and Microbiome
13. Success for the Oral Systemic Practice
14. Practice Profitability
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