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AAOSH Connect is a collaborative effort, and we are currently accepting article submissions! If you are interested in writing an article for AAOSH Connect, please take a moment to read our editorial guidelines before filling out the form below.

Article Guidelines

1. How long should my article be?

  • No limit. 500-700 words at minimum is best! 

2. How do I submit an article?

Submitting an article to AAOSH Connect is easier than ever! Simply fill out this form!

3. What makes a great AAOSH Connect article?

  • Understand your audience. Pick and write on a topic that is timely and appropriate for the AAOSH member community.
  • Read previous AAOSH Connect articles. This will help you understand the tone and the audience.
  • Write on a topic that you have some expertise or special experience in.
  • Create a short but catchy headline or title, along with an appropriate sub-title. Sub-titles allow you to quickly and powerfully define the nature and scope of the article.
  • Include a 3-4 sentence summary (abstract) of your article and break your article up into 3-4 sections, each headed with a section-heading.
  • If you represent or sale a product/service, do not “pitch” it in the article. Speak about what it does in principle. It’s okay to mention your company or product in the Bio block at the end of the article. (Warning: Violate this ‘rule’ and you may not see your article published!)
  • Write in the third-person perspective. Don’t write directly to the reader; avoid using personal pronouns such as “you”, “yours”, “we”, “he”, etc. Don’t use personal stories or first-person comments (unless your article includes a “case study”, but even then be careful).
  • Double check spelling and proofread the article for flow, content, organization, and context. Ask another person to also do the same. Be open to feedback and re-write accordingly. Don’t become offended if you are asked to rewrite, re-organize, change tone, alter perspective, or get help in writing.
  • Put the most important, captivating, and relevant information early in the article with less crucial content toward the end. Use a descending order of newsworthiness or relevancy.
  • Please do not send us content that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Do not plagiarize or unduly “lift” other people’s work. Minor quotes are acceptable with proper citation and attribution. Always give credit to other peoples work and intellectual property if you use it or reference it in your article. Do not use other copyrighted materials in your articles, without proper permission and appropriate annotation and/or citation. Note that magazines, newsletters, and websites generally own the copyright on the articles they publish, not the author who wrote and submitted the articles.

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