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Be the Go-To Authority on Complete Health in Your Community

Increase case acceptance, boost referrals and become the #1 authority in the dental industry.    Learn how to become a published author on Complete Health Dentistry and let us help you take you and your practice to the next level!

A patient’s resistance to accepting dental treatment can prevent them from getting the care they need and keep your practice from flourishing.  These barriers often include cost, fear of treatment, lack of dental education and distrust in you and your team.

Understanding how a patient moves through the treatment decision-making process, knowing the tools to increase case acceptance and getting your team on board are key to a thriving dental practice.

We often observe patients being a ‘No’ to treatment because they lack the education they need to make the best decision for their dental health or lack trust and confidence in their dentist’s expertise or motivations for offering treatment.

The truth is when you are seen as the top expert in your field; more patients will respect your expertise, value your guidance and trust your treatment plans.  Holding the expert stance creates credibility and trust between you and your patients which allows them to value your expertise, trust your recommendations and accept treatment.

Publishing your own book is one of the most effective ways to be seen as the #1 expert in your industry.  Imagine reviewing your treatment plan with a patient and then giving them a signed copy of your brand-new book to reinforce your credibility and expertise.  Their eyes widen in awe as they think to themselves; “Wow! This dentist must be very good and accomplished in what they do to be able to write and publish a book!”   They begin to see you as an expert in your field and someone who genuinely cares about their dental health and isn’t just trying to sell them another treatment.  Their objections to you and your treatment plan are calmed by a renewed sense of trust and confidence in your credentials and care.

Now, imagine you didn’t have that book to show them but the dentist they saw for a second opinion did?  Which dentist do you think that the patient will receive treatment from and which dentists do you think they will recommend to their family and friends?  Can you blame them?

Publishing your own book increases case acceptance, boosts referrals and positions you as the top authority in your field while allowing you to expand your message and help more people.

But, who has the time?  Being a dentist and managing a growing practice takes a lot of time and energy, we get it!  That’s why we have created our Complete Health Practice Book Series so we can provide you with the strategies and support you need to get your book out in the world while continuing to help your patients and nurture your practice.

Complete Health Practice BookOur Complete Health Practice Book Series provides you with everything you need to write and publish your very own 10 chapter paperback book with your photo on the cover!  We will assign you a ghostwriting partner that will work directly with you to tell your personal story, communicate your vision as a Complete Health Dentist and help provide leading-edge oral systemic content. Each Complete Health Practice Book Series package includes 100 paperback books with your photo on the cover and personalized testimonials to use as individual sales or gifts.

The time is now to be seen as the #1 expert in your industry.  You have the support you need. You have the resources available.  Time is no longer an issue.  Your patients are waiting.  The world is waiting.

Are you ready to take the leap to #1?

Click here to find out how the Complete Health Practice Book Series works and how together we can write, edit and publish your very own book that will transform the lives of you, your patients, your team and the world!