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Vegas is Calling Our Name!

We are very excited to be partnering with the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD) and the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) for the 2018 Annual AAOSH Scientific Session in Las Vegas this November.

The vision of AAOSH is to lead the way towards a national healthcare revolution.

We believe that dentistry and medicine must join forces to see the vision become a reality.

AAPMD and ACAM are two like-minded academies, with the same shared vision as AAOSH. In collaborating, we hope that you will be able to be part of an annual meeting that represents health professionals across the spectrum of expertise, sharing an experience that will be like no other in the world—dentists, hygienists, physicians, nurses, chiropractors, functional medicine specialists, nutritionists, and therapists putting our heads together to attack the health care crisis, one patient at a time.

We are also excited to invite new colleagues to a meeting of over 1,000 people interested in making a difference together—a difference that carries the weight and energy of a revolution! We need growth in numbers to accomplish our vision. It’s not about merely preventing disease but becoming optimally healthy as well.

The 2018 AAOSH Scientific Session in conjunction with AAPMD and ACAM will generate a much broader draw of health professionals. We encourage you to invite your local cardiologists, ENTs, sleep physicians, allergists, internists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, physical therapist, and any other professional colleague you think might benefit from this immersive educational event.

We have brought forth the most renowned speakers to discuss the latest topics, research findings, and treatments available, so you can go home and make a difference in the total health of your practice, your patients, and your community.

Anyone registered for this event can go to any lecture or workshop throughout the entire three-day event. Informal workshops will start the morning of  November 8, followed by a series of shorter presentations in the style of “TED talks” from all three organizations and a free welcome reception in the evening. The event formally kicks off Friday morning (November 9) with a joint session for all 1,000+ attendees. There are over 100 exhibitors/sponsors and a designated health testing area to include ACAM, AAPMD, AAOSH in one place—all with discounted fees.

Check out the program agendas for all three organizations on our website, and see for yourself how engaging and informative this session will be. If you care at all about giving yourself and your patients the best possible solutions to their problems, this is a MUST for you to attend.

Our mission is for all healthcare professionals to collectively share in the treatment of patients through improved interdisciplinary communication and referral relationships.  Thank you for your support in our effort to continually move forward toward our great vision together and we look forward to greeting all of you in Las Vegas!

Warmest Regards,

Witt Wilkerson, DDS (2016 AAOSH President) and Bobbie DelSasso, RDH, Executive Director of AAOSH