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Bridging the Oral-Systemic Patient Education Gap Through Cutting-Edge Cardiovascular Diagnostics

Webinar Date: August 21, 2013

Presented by Melissa Larsen

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For decades health care leaders have been working to connect the dots between oral health and cardiovascular / total body health, in a manner that can be easily communicated to patients while having a lasting impact on their oral health decisions.

It's no secret that an estimated 85% of all patients experiencing a cardiac related event have zero symptoms prior to the event itself.

In 2013 the Dental Cardio Group sheds new light on this pressing subject. A new device provides a 3 minute non-invasive, in-office screening examining the overall cardiovascular and nervous system health if each patient. This will allows practices to further assist the long term health and well being of their patients. Additionally allowing deliverable treatment plans documenting significant improvements over initial screening indicators.

Attendees will learn:

- How to more effectively and quickly educate their patients on the oral-systemic link
- How to increase patient referrals and compliance
- How to foster better relationships with physicians in their community
- How to increase practice revenue through diagnostic testing