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Clinical Guidelines for Oral Pathogens Screening, Testing, and Strategic Therapy

Presented by: Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS

Original Presentation Date: September 9, 2016


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Course Description:

This course presents a comprehensive and evidence-based non-surgical protocol for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease, drawing from her clinical practice and the Perio Arts Institute. The primary goal is achieving Total Body Wellness through Total Health dentistry for patients. Simultaneously, this approach fosters a healthier, more vibrant, and profitable culture within the dental practice. In essence, the mantra is simple: healthy patients, healthy profits. Experience the transformative wave of change in periodontal treatment that revolutionizes our profession. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the broad implications of periodontal disease on various aspects of health, encompassing general, oral, emotional, and lifestyle risk factors.
  • Identify and comprehend the components of the Perio Arts Institute Protocol designed to guide patients toward achieving optimal dental health throughout their lives.
  • Analyze and identify nutritional deficiencies directly associated with periodontal disease, demonstrating a critical understanding of their impact.
  • Critically analyze case studies and literature detailing the outcomes of targeted interventions involving dietary supplements in the fight against periodontal diseases.
  • Apply knowledge by identifying the nutritional requirements for oral soft tissue and generating a list of foods and supplements to aid patients in healing.

Speaker Bio:

Lisa Marie Samaha is a general dentist who practices comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive care. She is a 1982 Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University graduate. For over thirty years, Dr Samaha has pioneered her practice on the principles of Total Body Wellness through Complete Health Dentistry. Her practice focuses on the advanced, non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease and all oral/systemic link aspects. To support her clinical practice, Dr. Samaha has extensive training in the field of integrative medicine, with a particular focus on advanced medical and genetic testing and nutritional physiology for purposes of actual preventive medicine and true healing.

Observing a significant disconnect between scientific research and its application in a clinical setting, Dr Samaha founded the AGD/PACE-approved Perio Arts Institute and taught PerioPassion Dental Seminars. In her seminars, she shares her evidence-based, multifaceted, and leading-edge clinical protocol for the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. Dynamic case presentations are also included in her presentations. Her multi-faceted approach has enabled her to help transition general dentists, periodontists, and their teams into actual, wellness-oriented dental medicine practitioners. As a professional fine artist and writer, Dr Samaha also enjoys marketing her unique practice with a powerful and creative flair.  She has successfully branded her practice as a true wellness-focused destination for healing.