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Crozat Arch Development in the Growing Patient

Presented by: Darin Ward, DDS, MSD

Original Presentation Date: September 23, 2021


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Course Description: 

Delve into the intricate world of orthodontics in this 2021 Collaboration Cures presentation, uncovering the nuanced realm of arch development. Explore the subtle indications that prompt arch development procedures and unearth the remarkable benefits of utilizing the Crozat appliance for interceptive arch development. Gain insight into the intricate rates of arch development across transverse and anteroposterior dimensions, wielding the Crozat appliance as your diagnostic and treatment ally. Unravel the critical link between oral posture, nasal breathing patterns, and their pivotal role in Crozat arch development outcomes. Furthermore, dissect the strategic integration of fixed appliances, like braces, within the framework of Crozat arch development strategies. Lastly, navigate the pivotal retention phase in Crozat arch development treatment, solidifying your understanding of comprehensive orthodontic care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall and outline the indications necessitating arch development procedures in dental treatment plans.
  • Comprehend and elucidate the advantages and benefits of employing the Crozat appliance for interceptive arch development in orthodontics.
  • Using the Crozat appliance in clinical scenarios demonstrates the calculation and application of arch development rates, both in the transverse and anteroposterior dimensions.
  • Analyze and assess the relationship between oral posture, nasal breathing patterns, and their impact on Crozat arch development outcomes.
  • Evaluate and critique the rationale and appropriate use of fixed appliances (braces) in conjunction with Crozat arch development methods.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the retention phase in Crozat arch development treatment, considering patient-specific needs and long-term orthodontic stability.

Speaker Bio:

Darin Ward, DDS, MSD, graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1998. He went into private practice as a general dentist for nine years in Eugene, OR. He then entered the University of Colorado School of Dentistry Orthodontic Residency program, receiving his orthodontic certificate in 2009. Dr.Ward’s orthodontic practice focuses on interceptive arch development, facial growth guidance, and non-extraction/non-retractive orthodontics. He has been a member of the AAGO since 2001 and on the board since 2003.  Dr. Ward currently practices in the town of Houghton in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In his free time, Dr. Ward enjoys time with his wife, four sons, and two dogs, as well as functional fitness, rowing, telemark skiing, cycling, playing guitar/harmonica, and roasting coffee beans.