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Dying to Breathe: The Hygienist’s Role in Identifying Orofacial and Airway Components Driving Chronic Inflammation!

Presented by Kriston Reisnour RDH, BSDH, CCSH, CSOM and Ellie Campbell, DO

Webinar Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Presented by: Kriston Reisnour, RDH, BSDH, CCSH, CSOM and Ellie Campbell, DO

Original Publication Date: July 17, 2019

Course Description:

Hygienists are in the trenches on the battlefield fighting against chronic inflammation daily, and if not defeated, over time, will lead to deteriorating health, poor quality of life, and even death of our patients. Your body’s primary function is to survive by taking the next breath and will compensate in any way possible to do just that. Everything else is secondary. Find out how these compensations can lead to chronic inflammation throughout a lifetime and your vital role in extinguishing it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand hygienists' critical role in identifying and assessing underlying inflammation related to airway breathing, sleep issues, and the orofacial component in patient care.
  • Recognize anatomy and conditions in the oral cavity causing issues with function growth and leading to the breakdown of multiple body systems over time.
  • Discuss how to recommend individualized treatment to achieve optimal health and well-being of the patients.

Speaker Bio:

Kriston Reisnour RDH, BSDH, CCSH, and CSOM passionately coach and lecture dental teams on their role in today’s integrated dental/medical healthcare system. She comes highly recommended as the Dental Program Director for the Bale/Doneen Method, and she has extensive experience and knowledge of the comprehensive approach to optimal care. She is a credentialed clinical sleep health educator, certified in orofacial myology, and an airway ambassador. MS. Reisnour is an accomplished speaker, writer, owner of “Intentional Hygiene”, “Orofacial Myology of PNW,” and dental hygienist with over 30 years of experience. Her ability to combine scientific depth and empathy is unique. As a proficient author, she is regularly featured in peer-reviewed publications. She is a ADHA, WSDHA, AAOSH member.

Dr. Ellie Campbell is a native Chicagoan with a BS/MS from the University of Illinois, a DO degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a Family Medicine residency at the Medical College of Georgia. She is board-certified by the American Academy of Family Medicine, The American Board of Integrative Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr. Campbell owns a solo, concierge-style integrative and holistic family practice in Cumming GA. She sees patients for primary care, prevention, and wellness exams. Dr. Campbell has specialty interests in interdisciplinary collaboration, root cause resolution of chronic health conditions, innovative medical practice design, functional medicine, the oral–systemic connection, herbal remedies, prevention of stroke and heart attacks, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Vitamin D. She lectures at medical education conferences and mentors students.