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The Nasal and Respiratory Benefits of Xylitol

Webinar Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Presented by Julie Seager

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Course Description

Health begins right up front, in the nose and mouth. The nose and the mouth are the gateways to our respiratory system and our entire digestive system. Bacteria that enter through these portals and simply pass through do not cause any problems, but when harmful bacteria make their home in the upper respiratory tract, they breed and multiply. This invasion can lead to sinus infections, pneumonia, ear infections, and can even trigger asthmatic attacks. A revolutionary approach to inhibiting this bacterial assault is the utilization of xylitol.

Learning Objectives

  • Objectives of this course are to help attendees:
  • Describe the natural nasal defense mechanism
  • Understand how xylitol can improve respiratory health
  • Discuss how xylitol can reduce middle ear infections
  • Appreciate how this knowledge applies to dental professionals

Speaker Bio

julie seeger

Julie Seager is an informed and engaging speaker with over twenty years in the dental industry. She blends real world experience and clinical information so her audiences can put to good use what they learn in her fun and thought-provoking courses. She is also a published author on the subject of xylitol and sugar substitutes.

Julie is sponsored and employed by Wasatch Sales Force Management as the Western Regional Manager representing Spry Xylitol products. Julie is based in Sacramento, California where she also uses her passion for prevention in coaching her dental hygiene patients toward achieving improved oral and systemic health.

Julie is an active member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, CareerFusion, the American Academy for Oral-Systemic Health, and the American Academy of Dental Hygiene.