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The Profitable Oral Systemic Practice

Presented by: Jan Lazarus, RDH

Original Presentation Date: March 16, 2021

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Course Description:

A thriving, profitable hygiene department that supports overall health and wellness is a fundamental part of a successful practice and a major contributor to how patients perceive the value and quality of all your services! Learn from some of our top “Oral Systemic Practices”: How they expand and thrive during these challenging times.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the integration of principles to establish a profitable oral systemic practice, demonstrating an understanding of how comprehensive, patient-centered care can concurrently address oral and systemic health, ensuring the financial sustainability of the dental practice.
  • Assess the relationship between promoting overall health through the oral systemic approach and the resulting outcomes, such as patient satisfaction, referrals, and developing a robust reputation within the healthcare industry.

Speaker Bio:

Jan Lazarus, RDH and Founder of The JP Institute has developed a life-changing curriculum for patients, dentists, hygienists, and dental teams. Jan discusses the importance of self-care to ensure a healthy immune system and total well-being. She also goes over the importance of controlling stress levels, as chronic stress can lead to heart disease and even severe oral care issues like periodontal disease.