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The Profitable Oral Systemic Practice

Presented By: Jan Lazarus, RDH 

1 CE Credit

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"This dental hygiene focused webinar is designed for the entire team including owners and doctors wanting to learn about achieving healthy profits with clinical excellence!"

Your future is BRIGHT! Learn how the JP Institutes top oral systemic practices - why are how they are thriving during these challenging times!

Course Description:
In this current challenging environment of healthcare today, we as leaders in wellness dentistry have become even more aware of our vital role in oral systemic health and true prevention. As Covid-19 continues to threaten our lives, we have learned that many of our patients have been educated through the media and internet have acquired an updated understanding of the importance of their immune system. We are now better positioned than ever to have patients that are motivated to embrace optimum oral and systemic health principles of care.

A thriving profitable hygiene department that supports overall health and wellness is not only a fundamental part of a successful practice, but a major contributor to how patients perceive the value and quality of all your services! Learn from some of our top “Oral Systemic Practices”: How they are expanding and thriving during these challenging times.

During this session you will 
• Hear from top successful oral systemic practices how they generate profits
• Review the key performance indicators that must be monitored for today’s successful hygiene department
• Outline an action plan to grow and sustain profitability

Jan Lazarus RDH, CHC is a leader, thought provoking influencer and internationally recognized pioneer in the field of comprehensive continuing education in Dentistry. As the founder and CEO of JP Consultants Institute since 1979, Jan has developed and taught life changing curriculum for the entire dental profession. The JP Institute was the first dental consultancy group providing hands-on training for dental professionals to maximize clinical results and practice growth. She developed revolutionary protocols including repetitive non-surgical periodontal therapy, integration of technology, and wellness supporting oral systemic health principles. Jan has been teaching clinicians about the host immune response and recognizing the mouth as a window to the health of our body, since the early 1980s. She is the humble recipient of the prestigious 2018 “Life-Time Achievement Award” from the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health for her life of dedication and contribution to the dental community. She creates programs and curriculum including proficiency-based certification programs, custom agendas for private and large group in-office training, train the trainer for consultants, coaches, speakers, professional educators, universities and many large dental corporations. In addition to a business owner, Jan is a dental consultant, trainer, international speaker, and published author. As a graduate of Bale/Doneen Mentor Preceptorship, Certified Health Coach, Stress Mastery Professional Educator, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy trained, a board member and a Fellow of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, she is part of an organization of health care leaders and scientists dedicated to expanding awareness of the relationship between oral health and whole- body health. She is passionate about living a balanced, healthy life full of happiness, joy, peace and abundance and loves sharing her passion with everyone.