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Three Roots, Many Branches: A Functional Nutrition Framework for Addressing Chronic Health Challenges

Presented by: Andrea Nakayama

Original Presentation Date: September 15, 2022

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Course Description:

This session introduces a three-step approach to tackle the escalating autoimmune epidemic. This groundbreaking system unravels the fundamental elements contributing to unresolved health challenges, offering a comprehensive roadmap to resolve autoimmune conditions. Andrea delves into the three consistent roots of autoimmunity, explores its diverse symptomatic manifestations, and highlights key areas crucial for relief and resolution. Embracing a functional formula, this discussion addresses the pressing needs of chronically ill patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and articulate the significance of autoimmunity within the United States healthcare landscape, grasping its increasing prominence among the population.
  • Identify and delineate the underlying factors contributing to developing and diagnosing autoimmune conditions, discerning the key elements that lead to their manifestation.
  • Apply and integrate critical interventions and strategies discussed during the lecture into clinical practice, empowering practitioners to effectively support and manage patients grappling with autoimmune challenges.

Speaker Bio:

Andrea Nakayama, a globally recognized Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, and speaker, leads a movement to revolutionize the healthcare industry through Functional Nutrition. Her fervor for this transformation emerged from a personal tragedy when her husband, Isamu, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor during her pregnancy with their only child. Overcoming his prognosis of six months and extending his life for an additional two years fueled Andrea's deep interest in using food as personalized medicine, shaping her dedicated passion and purpose.