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The 60-Minute Annual Marketing Plan

Webinar Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Presented by Gary Kadi

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Course Description

Education is key to true and lasting change. However, putting together educational materials for your team and patients can take weeks, if not months, to prepare. Learn and implement the 5 P System to acquire and empower new patients while keeping existing patients happy and healthy.

Learning Objectives

    1. Best practices to capture, convert and retain your new patients
    2. Learn how to save time (1-40+ hours a month) on your marketing while helping you attract and keep more of your ideal patients
    3. Learn ways to access science-driven, done-for-you campaigns to educate your patients

Speaker Bio

Gary Kadi - AAOSH Webinar Series

Advocate, Author, and Documentarian, Gary Kadi is the CEO of NextLevel Practice and the founder of the Complete Health Business Model. More than 5,000 practices implementing this model have achieved over 6 million healthier patients, over $1 billion in increased collections and thousands of extra true vacation weeks.