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Predictably Control the High Risk Pathogens that Cause Periodontal Disease

Webinar Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Presented by Jim Hyland, BSc, DDS

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Course Description

Drs. Bradley Bale‎/Doneen/Vigerust wrote in the British Medical Journal November 2016 "high risk periodontal pathogens cause heart attacks."

"‎It means PD due to these high-risk microbes must be treated effectively to reduce the risk of ASVD. The definition of PD must include a diagnosis of the specific underlying pathogens causing the PD".

‎Understand what these statements mean now that periodontal disease is proven to be a medical condition and what it means for the future of dentistry.

Dr. Bale guarantees his results: "I guarantee you will not have a heart attack while you are under my care or I will refund your money." We can do the same for periodontal disease if we change our approach! ‎

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why our present techniques actually contribute to periodontal disease progressing. Change is required. ‎
  • Develop a standardized diagnosis and treatment protocol based on their medical/dental/family history, active disease and the clinical condition.
  • Learn the most effective way to present the disease to your patients in order for them to accept responsibility for their health
  • Understand the need to eliminate and control oral pathogens and learn the most effective method to achieve this.
  • Review the information that oral biofilm testing provides and the importance of these tests in providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Discover how to present a treatment plan based on the results of these tests‎.
  • Learn how to link and recommend ‎various antibiotics, delivery methods and maintenance rinses to the clinical signs of periodontal disease and the pathogens identified in the biofilm reports.

Speaker Bio

Jim Hyland

Dr. Hyland is a practicing dentist with many years of experience in general dentistry. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada, he has been an active member of both the Canadian and Ontario Dental Associations since 1976. Dr. Hyland has had an active academic life and taught at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, at George Brown College and Seneca College and had a position at the North York Hospital Dental Department. He is an avid attendee of the Crown Council Boot Camps and the philosophy learned from attending these Boot Camps is reflected in his presentation. His passion for patient wellness through the elimination of the Oral-Systemic Risk Factor is evident in his presentations.