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2022 Signs of a Healthy Mouth Inside

Your mouth and your health

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Coronavirus has certainly altered our dental world just as HIV/Aids did 40 years ago. HIV radically changed and improved the way we practice today, and SARS-CoV-2 will, undoubtedly, do the same. Research is showing there is a connection between poor oral health and risk of super infections and/or severe complications as a result of the COVID-19 virus (1). A healthy mouth, healthy lungs (2) and a healthy body should be the ultimate objective to maintain wellness at this time. Included here are a number of products and practices that help to establish and maintain oral health.

One goal of the  dental profession is to change pathological plaque into healthy plaque, keeping the mouth and patient healthy. Additionally, since COVID-19 is a virus and may be present in dental aerosols, another goal is to keep the dental office air healthy for all, by supporting a healthy immune response and the microbiome in the mouth and throat. To reach these two goals in our office in Seattle, we have developed a new routine, and our patients are excited to participate! Our new “Protocols” to reduce the dental bioburden utilizing natural products is in keeping with our “Green” philosophy.  

Nasal hygiene

We want our patients to breathe freely through their nose for so many reasons. Nasal breathing is vital for tooth health as well as periodontal health. It reduces the dental bioburden and keeps the mouth and nose hydrated. We have every patient use a xylitol nasal spray (Xlear) to lubricate the nasal cavity and sinuses, and to remove pathogens and other pollutants. Teaching patients nasal hygiene is as important as oral hygiene (3) and giving them a bottle of Xlear makes an impression.

Throat Hygiene 

The tonsils and tonsil stones contain the same pathogens as the teeth and the tongue. To address this, the patient is given ozone water (4) or 1.5% hydrogen peroxide  to swish and gargle with for 60 seconds, followed by administration of three pumps of Biocidin TS, a throat spray (4). The medical grade herbs and botanicals in this spray help support a healthy immune response and microbiome, while reducing pathogenic bacterial biofilm.  

Oral Hygiene 

Research shows that high bacterial loads in the mouth do indeed play a role in super infections and severe complications when combined with the COVID-19 virus. It is imperative patients have the tools and knowledge to support and optimize oral health at this time. Dental professionals can support that by spending extra time on oral hygiene techniques. Each patient is disclosed to emphasize the presence of the plaque biofilm. Plaque samples are taken on every patient and viewed under the phase contrast microscope. Seeing is believing, and both seeing the hot pink on the teeth and then viewing the actual bacterial pathogens on the microscope inspires and motivates like never before. Each patient receives a customized oral hygiene routine based on individual needs, including toothpaste and power toothbrushes.  

Making a Difference

The dental community can make a difference in the health of all patients. Poor oral health contributes to many systemic illnesses. Now with this new virus in our world, we need to rethink how we treat by reducing one more comorbidity. Patient motivation is high when they see what we see. We have the tools and the knowledge, now we need to spend the time it takes and educate our patients. Let’s help our patients create a healthy mouth and body by reducing the bacterial bioburden in the nose, throat and mouth. 

Products of Note

  • Power Toothbrushes  
  • Toothpaste
    • Dentalcidin - antimicrobial and biofilm disrupting natural botanical formula with additional nutrients for oral health
    • Boka - remineralization by nano-hydroxyapatite crystals
    • Revitin - prebiotics and nutrients to support oral mucosa
  • Throat Spray - Biocidin TS - Addresses the nasal/ pharynx region, which plays an important role in supporting healthy respiration.  BTS showed a 66% increase in immune function (IgA) in the mouth and throat in 30 minutes in a clinical trial.
  • Nasal Spray -Xlear nasal spray xylitol nose spray, supports nasal health through lubrication

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About the Author

With more than 40 years of clinical experience as is a registered dental hygienist and periodontal therapist, Barbara K. Tritz’s goal is to inspire oral health and wellness through education by working with world class dental teams to transform the way we look at the oral-systemic connection. Employing and constantly learning both traditional and novel-nontraditional skills allows her to offer the most comprehensive oral health and preventative care that enables patients to be truly healthy. She currently practices in the office of Green City Dental in Edmonds, WA, is the owner of Washington Oral Wellness in Kirkland, WA, and is also a practicing orofacial myofunctional therapist. Known as the Queen of Dental Hygiene, her continual efforts on the forefront of biological dentistry and integrative health brought her to utilizing the Biocidin family of products. Biocidin and the oral line, Dentalcidin, have become essential tools to effectively support her patients holistically in the office and while at home.

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