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COVID-19: A Wake-up Call to Boost Your Immune System

What a turbulent time this is – office staff on furloughs or laid off, dentists scrambling to settle payment arrangements for their offices, hospital workers fighting for supplies, and general indecision about the fate of our futures. Our way of life in the United States is vastly different than it was just 2 weeks ago. We are all having to adjust to a “new normal.” For most people, the new normal is developing at home.

With such a contagious disease like COVID-19 possibly inflicting half our population, whether mildly, asymptomatically, or intensely, nothing is more important than your immune system.

COVID-19 is your official warning call to strengthen your immune system and eat healthy, plant-based foods.

With the impact on the medical and dental world, if you are like most people, your stress levels are currently in the red zone. The danger light is flashing and now is the time to put out the fire! Stress is a killer, right along with COVID-19.

It is very difficult to interpret the reality of what’s going on through the myriad of text and articles being pushed every day into emails, social media, and the news. The best reality you can have right now is the reality that we must get healthy, and stay healthy, so we can fight viruses and other diseases naturally and won’t need to rely on broken systems to heal us. We can heal ourselves right now and we do this by strengthening our own immune systems.

What many people don’t realize is that immune support starts in your gut. And if your gut is out of balance, you’re more susceptible to disease. The immune system plays a pivotal role in overall health. In short, the gut is the body’s first line of defense that keeps us healthy. Switching up your diet to include less meats – and more vegetables, grains, and fruits, is one of the best strategies to naturally support your immune system health. Because we don’t always get the immune support we need from our food, supplements can be an essential part of achieving gut balance. Probiotics, Beta-glucan, and selenium, along with the most important basics – Vitamin C, D, and zinc, are a few of the unique, very powerful immune supporting supplements. These supplements, along with quality sleep and plant-based nutrition, is what we can do right now to build our immunity to not just this virus, but all disease – even heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and more.

Bobbie DelSasso, RDH, BS

Bobbie graduated from Marquette University College of Dentistry in 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene and currently works one day a week for a Periodontal Practice she managed for over 25 years. A lecturer, writer, speaker, past event coordinator for a Seattle Study Club  and executive coach to dentists in Illinois, Bobbie has developed a passion for total health she shares with her commitment to AAOSH. She is a founding member of AAOSH, member of ISDHS, Speaking Consulting Network member and Executive Director of AAOSH.


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