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Presented by: Tom Nabors, DDS

CE Available: 1

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Learning Objectives

  1. To examine both medical and dental peer-reviewed literature surrounding specific oral bacteria, their interaction with local tissues, their ability to evade the immune system, and their unique ability to “turn-on” different inflammatory pathways.
  2. To help the clinician interpret the risks in both oral and systemic health that are associated with specific oral pathogens that lead to periodontitis and implant infections.
  3. To examine peer-reviewed literature from medical and dental sources that reveal the connection between the dissemination of specific oral pathogens and cardiovascular risks including hypertension, ASVD, heart attack, and ischemic stroke.


Dr. Nabors has lectured extensively for many years to numerous universities, numerous dental state meetings and associations, and physician groups on the subjects of the Oral / Systemic Link, molecular diagnostics, and its practical application to periodontal disease, peri-implant diseases, genetics, risk management, classification and therapy.

His interest in microbiology, genetics, and molecular diagnostics spans 30 years. His experience in the clinical application of DNA-PCR (nucleic acid) tests and the founder of a molecular diagnostics CLIA certified clinical laboratory makes him uniquely qualified as an educator. He has published a number of articles related to molecular diagnostics, its clinical application, and the use of whole saliva as a diagnostics platform.

Dr. Nabors saw the need for earlier and more accurate disease detection and management for periodontal infections. And, with the advancement of molecular diagnostics in medicine, he founded Oral DNA Labs, Inc. with the help of an experienced team in 2008.

Today, he is retired from Oral DNA and is not affiliated with the company. However, he continues his interest in helping dentists and their teams apply the advantages of molecular diagnostics to the benefit of their patients.


  • Genomics
  • Metabolomics
  • SNP's
  • Methylation

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